Here are a few of the activities that help me deal with doubt. They really do help!

1. Identify times when I am most vulnerable, like when:

-I'm tired or hungry

-I'm stuck

-I've made a lot of mistakes

-I'm trying too hard

-I'm with other fine artists/their work

-I feel like there are too many things to do

Knowing this helps me deal proactively with myself.

2. PRACTICE GRATITUDE, including thankfulness for my gifts and art. This is a biggie. It's huge!

3. Sleep. Amazing how much better I can see after sleep.

4. Exercise. It helps quiet some of the inner chatter.

5. Learn new things. Read technique books, go to workshops, try something different.

6. Support and encourage the work of other artists.

7. Do spiritual work, pray, meditate.

8. Be true to my inner vision.

9. Get back to work!

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